Our Mission

We stumbled across this beautiful craft when a friend brought a bag back from her Guatemalan home as a gift. We fell in love with the exquisite huipil weavings and fine leather craftsmanship. When we learned the stories behind the artisans who made them, we were sold! We knew we had to share the meticulously handcrafted art brought to us out of the hills of Guatemala.

Through sharing their art of handicraft, we are enabling our artisans to maintain and grow their own businesses in Guatemala. By supplying double of that which is a fair wage, our artisans are able to avoid migration away from their families and they are able to not only provide monetary support but are also able to contribute to farming and other household duties, which otherwise would be impossible.

In addition to supporting our artisans, every time a bag is purchased, 10% of the profit is given towards a scholarship for a Mayan woman to go to high school, which otherwise, would be an impossibility due to the expense.

With each bag you purchase, YOU are helping these wonderful people share their art, grow their business, and obtain the fair wage and education that they deserve..