The Founders

MIAH Collection was by two sisters, Mary and Hannah. When their parents joined the mission field in Alaska, the sisters moved, along with their siblings and parents from Southern California to the interior of Alaska where they lived until they went to college – both went back to school in Southern California where they attended the Master’s University.

Their parents raised them and their 11 (yes you read that right! 11!!!) other siblings to love others, help those in need, and to give generously.

Having both gone on mission trips to other parts of the world, they would see indigenous people with incredible artistic talents, but living in poverty because they were lacking a platform to share their art with the rest of the world. MIAH Collection was born from a desire to help these artisans share their beautiful work.

Through missions connections in Guatemala, they were connected with artisan co-operatives with which they could collaborate in the design process and creation of their products. The co-operatives allow artisans to provide well for their families, enabling them to send their children to school while keeping families intact without the need to immigrate to find work for fair wages